Vision, Policy and Strategy


Our Vision is to be a trusted and respected, first-choice solution provider to the Energy and Oil and Gas Industry. We are committed to providing innovative and technological business solutions to all companies, large and small. Solutions our clients recognize as being ‘leading in their field’ and instrumental in advancing and improving the value of their businesses. Our aim is to be leaders not followers

Business Policy

Our Business Policy is to create and preserve ‘win-win’, situations for all. This means listening to and respecting the opinions, views and aspirations of ALL Stakeholders and especially, those of our clients. We do this by constantly challenging both traditional and modern business practices and techniques to identify what solutions are best for the parties concerned.

Business Strategy

Ultimately, our Strategy for delivering our Vision, is shaped by our Business Policy, the ASG Executive Team, our Associates and our clients. Our Strategy is to be both flexible and agile, and to be able to respond to ever changing business demands and challenges. We constantly assess business trends and the needs of the market to enable us to offer our clients both traditional and new solutions. This enables us to provide products and services which differentiate us from our competition.