What we do

We apply the unique insight acquired from many years of collective knowledge and experience of the energy and oil and gas industries, to all stages of an installation’s lifecycle – from exploration to abandonment. We call this insight our ‘Real-Life Worldview’ which means that we know what works and what does not.

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We take nothing for granted and continually seek innovation and ‘smarter’ ways of working, especially when it comes to efficiency and adding value.

Our heritage

Our heritage comes from collective and individual experience of over 200 years. The ASG team have had long and distinguished careers with major oil and gas companies either on the ‘front line’, at executive, or board level.

We have the essential know-how of ‘getting things done’ in challenging environments across the world.

Geographical Experience

The ASG team have extensive worldwide knowledge gained from conducting oil and gas exploration, project, drilling, production and decommissioning activities in challenging, remote and high risk locations around the globe. Often working closely with governmental agencies, regulators, service companies, local firms and national oil companies.

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