Case Study No 8 – Production Operations


Case Study No 8 – Production Operations – Process Safety Assessment – Hess – Worldwide

Following several major oil industry disasters there has been in increased focus within oil companies on how to prevent low frequency high impact losses. These major disasters are typical a result of complex and multiple failure of safety barriers. There has been increased focus to improve the technical understanding and competencies staff and management responsible for oil and gas facilities. This include application of recognized technical standards and some measure of how the facilities (process plant) is being operated and maintained throughout it’s operating lifetime. Process Safety (or Asset Integrity) can be very complex with detailed process safety studies requiring specialist technical advice.

When ASG’s Atul Panchmatia and Tore Vartdal worked for Hess in 2012/13 they developed a simplified Process Safety Health Check as a quick and effective method of assisting the Process Safety Risk of an operated asset. This was in the form of process safety questions covering 11 key areas of the plant and operation ranging from subsea facilities to maintenance program. These questions were developed based on Industry Guidance such as API 754 – Process Safety Performance Indicators, OGP Report 456 – Process Safety KPIs and OGP Report 415 – Asset Integrity. The Process Safety Health Check was implemented across all Hess worldwide assets and provided Senior Management with some assurance that Process Safety risk was being managed. It also provided Asset Management Team with valuable input on how they can improve Process Safety within their asset.

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