Case Study No 2 – Exploration

Case Study No 2 – Exploration – Planning for drilling in challenging environments

During his time as HSE Manager in the Hess Europe, North Africa and Middle East Regional Drilling Team based out of London ACG’s Mike George was involved with planning, setting up, executing and supporting a number of exploration drilling projects in challenging political and demographical environments in Egypt, Algeria, Kurdistan and France.

In Algeria on the Hess BMS project the Drilling Team was faced with a sole bidder for top hole drilling operations, with an antique, uncertified, totally worn –out, many times repaired drilling rig and a virtually non-existent HSE/Management support system. However, in close association and working with the local drilling in country an improvement plan was agreed and put in place. Hess rig HSE Advisors were recruited and put in place in country. The rig was rebuilt and upgraded, HSE and business management systems put in place and local teams trained in expected Hess HSE and other operational standards.

The result was the planned top-hole drilling programme was exceeded in total holes drilled, came in under budget and without any serious incidents.

In addition the drilling contractor was delighted with the result and saw the future marketing and business potential from the benefits of the outcome of both rig and systems improvements.

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